Streak Master Aluminum Cleaner
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Laundry - Carpet - Upholstery - Fabric


Waltrip's A2Z Formula is the newest technology in stain removal. Removes the oldest set-in stains from laundry, carpet, upholstery, and fabric. Save for all colors and whites.

Remove red drink stains like Kool-Aid and other drinks that have artificial dyes...See cleaning tips for instructions for best results. Most hair dyes are permanent
Customer Comments:    My name is Ramon Rivera and I  have been in the carpet cleaning business for ten years now. Over the many years my company has cleaned thousands of nasty carpets and have seen stains that most people wouldn't believe. Of course we are always looking for good cleaners and stain removers to make our job easier and to gain customer satisfaction. We were introduced to Streak Master Professional cleaning supplies about a year ago and I have to say our search is over. These professional cleaning supplies have made our job simple, compared to what it used to be and our customers are amazed with the performance of the stain removers. Take it from a professional, if you have tough cleaning jobs or extreme stains, Streak Master professional cleaning supplies is what you need. Thanks Streak Master for safe and effective cleaning supplies!

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