Streak Master Aluminum Cleaner
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Trailer Cleaning Pictures - Before and After

Aluminum Cleaner

Hundreds Of Uses For Cleaning Aluminum
Boats - Trailers - Trucks - Engines - Parts - Tanks - Wheels - Prep Aluminum For Paint
- Auto Detailer - Fleet Washing - Manufacturing Companies
"Replaces Dangerous Hydrofluoric Acid"

Aluminum Cleaner Description

Streak Master Aluminum Cleaner And Brightener is the acid brightener of the future and the future is now. It has been developed to improve the safety of those cleaning with traditional aluminum cleaner and brightener (Hydrofluoric Acid Brightener); yet, still have a product that removes road film, grime, algae, scum, lime deposits, water line stains, oxidation, and brightens bare aluminum. Works just like the traditional aluminum cleaner and brightener (Hydrofluoric Acid Brightener) WITHOUT the negative hazards associated with that product. Forget the toxic and poisonous concerns and step up to new technology.

WE are a special blend of acids and catalysts "activators" that reduce the activation energy needed for aluminum brightening and aluminum cleaning. The catalysts make the surface of the aluminum more reactive and this allows the acid blend to be more productive on bare aluminum.

Most truck washes are still using dangerous hydrofluoric acid. Why would anyone with a horse or livestock trailer expose their animals to this danger? What if they don't rinse well?

Aluminum Cleaner
Acid Aluminum Cleaners are weather sensitive
Cold weather dilute less for cleaning
Hot weather dilute more for cleaning

Mill Finished Aluminum Cleaning: On mill finish aluminum, like older pontoons and unpainted flat aluminum panels on aluminum trailers, the aluminum turns light gray. The more you dilute the cleaner, the less grayish color you will get. Mill or brushed aluminum will never go back to the showroom finish. There is no way on earth to make this happen. However the whitish gray is 100% better than the oxidized black.

Extruded Aluminum Cleaning: Will look new like the side of the horse trailer below.

Do not use on polished aluminum (looks like chrome)(also diamond plate) The only way to bring polished aluminum back is to polish. However cleaning with the aluminum cleaner will make the job easier. Call for details.


Kathie - Provided pictures of dirty horse trailer before and after - This is her testimonial

Aluminum Trailer Cleaner

When I have an aluminum trailer problem I jump over to barrel horse world forum and see if I can get answers. I usually find the cleaning answer without even posting. My aluminum and white skinned horse trailer got out of hand and when I had it done last at the truck wash with the brightener it still looked bad. I started to ask about an aluminum  cleaner I could use myself. I came over to this forum and saw the advertisement for this aluminum cleaning product. I was skeptical and my husband told me to save my money.. A few weeks ago I saw the advertisement again on Barrel Horse World. When I saw..Money Back Guarantee...I thought why not? I ordered the aluminum cleaning product and the black streak remover but kept everything I needed so I could send it back. Yesterday my husband and I got after it with him telling me it wasn't going to get the oxidation, bugs and black streaks off the painted area and the Aluminum cleaner and brightener wasn't going to cut thru whatever I got on it when I went to the car wash to fix what the truck wash didn't. We were both amazed as the bugs, oxidation and streaks came off the white skin so easily. The Aluminum Brightener and cleaner was even easier to use. WoW! Thanks Greg and thanks for being so nice on the phone when I asked a bunch of questions. Love both of these products and highly recommend them!




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Trailer Cleaning Pictures - Before and After