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OxiX Testimonial from Featherlite Trailer Manufacturers

Featherlite has started using OxiX primer as it is an excellent corrosion inhibitor and has no VOC’s which reduces our environmental footprint.  Featherlite has found the primer to be very durable and very effective for eliminating corrosion even against the new calcium chloride salt brine and other solutions some states are placing on roads for snow/ice removal.

Featherlite trailers have limited areas that require paint due to their aluminum construction but we still have recognized considerable savings annually on primer over a 2 part epoxy primer.  The OxiX primer dries clear and may be used as a stand alone sealer over natural aluminum.  It eliminates the black streaking from oxidation and metal discoloration.  It even performs well over the top of rusted and pitted steel that comes in for service work.   We remove as much rust as we can off the surface and then prime.  The primer seals up the corroded metal with no bleed through to the top coat and the metal deterioration is stopped.  Most primers allow corrosion to creep on the back side of the top coat once the surface has been penetrated creating the bubbling affect under painted surfaces.  OxiX eliminates creep corrosion adding significant life to our product.


Kevin Weinacht,
Sr. Design Engr.

OxiX Adhesion Test

Featherlite performs periodic adhesion testing on OxiX primer and other coated surfaces.  Paint adhesion testing is often used to determine if the paint or coating will adhere properly to the substrates to which they are applied.  Adhesion Testing provides valuable information about the overall bond strength and performance of a coating. 

 Featherlite uses the ASTM D 3359-02 Cross-Cut Test method when testing coating adhesion.  This test consists of a right angle lattice pattern or X-cut (contingent on paint thickness) and is the standard used to measure the resistance of paints and coatings to separation from substrates. The pattern is cut into the coating and penetrates through to the substrate.  A pressure sensitive tape is applied to the sample and pulled off.  

Featherlite has tested several samples of steel and aluminum that were coated with OxiX primer.  Some samples were contaminated with grease and oils, some were uncontaminated.  The metal substrates were cleaned, prepped and coated with OxiX.  In almost every application the test received a 5B classification on a B scale.  The B scale classification ranges from 0B which has greater than 65% material release to 5B which has 0% material release.

 When Featherlite performed Cross-Cut testing on metal substrates with OxiX primer covered with a paint top coat, the tests came back equally as impressive. The tests received 5B and 4B classification ratings.  I don’t think you can ask for more than that in a coating”


George Willis
6 Sigma Black Belt
Quality Manager

OxiX Testimonial from Major University

We were continuously having to paint the metal hand rails at our university buildings due to rust and corrosion. In an effort to eliminate the frequent applications of paint, we thought grinding all the paint away and sealing with a clear sealer could be the answer to our problem. After researching all of our large paint suppliers, no one had a product that was a clear sealer and would stop the rust,  until we found OxiX. The OxiX has been on the hand rails for over 8 months with no visible signs of corrosion what so ever.  Oxix has saved us money on initial cost and has outperformed any other coatings that we have ever used.  We have used OxiX as both a stand alone sealer and as a primer that we have painted over with great success.  After these results we have started using the OxiX around the university for other applications with great success including the steam pipes in our boiler rooms and the light poles in our parking lots.  

Keith Ferguson,
Facility Management

Stop Animal Urine & Manure From Corroding Aluminum Floors

We used OxiX on our aluminum horse trailer floor. Talk about easy to install just rolled it on with a paint roller let it dry and put on a second coat. Dries crystal clear and looks great! We're not any paint experts either. We are extremely happy with this product it saved us over $900 from doing the leading bed liner or equivalent and I think it did a better job! Thanks again to Greg and OxiX for helping us out!    One happy customer!

Cindy in Cleatrfield, Utah




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